BREAKING: ABC News Reveals Trump Given “Hundreds Of Millions” In Russian Money

If this doesn't bring down Trump, nothing will.

ABC News has just released a bombshell new investigation of Trump’s Russian financial ties and how “hundreds of millions” of Russian money has been flowing into Trump’s bank account over the years.

“His real estate fortunes have benefited greatly from Russian investors and their millions, potentially putting a get tough on policy with Russia in direct conflict with his bottom line.”

The issue of Trump being able to separate himself from his business if elected president has been brought up before, but given the scope of the investigation, it’s unlikely Trump will be able to divest himself from his real estate empire like he says.

Trump has previously said (just a few months ago in July) that he had “ZERO investments in Russia.” He told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos “will I sell condos to Russians on occasion? Probably. I mean, I do that. I have a lot of condos. I do that. But I have no relationship to Russia whatsoever.”

The ABC News investigation proves that statement isn’t true. They have uncovered numerous connections to Russian interests both in the U.S. and aboard.

“The level of business amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars — what he received as a result of interaction with Russian businessmen,” said Sergei Millian, who heads a U.S.-Russia business group and who says he once helped market Trump’s U.S. condos in Russia and the former Soviet states. “They were happy to invest with him, and they were happy to work with Donald Trump. And they were happy to associate—[and] be associated with Donald Trump.”

Featured Image via Getty Images.

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