‘Anti-Hillary’ Fox News Host In Hot Water, Mistress Comes Forward With ‘Career Ending’ Texts

Fox News Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry has made a career out of following Hillary Clinton around on the campaign trail – and trying to get a rise out of her on anything and everything, including Bill Clinton’s previous affairs. Now, it looks like the heat is falling squarely on him.

Just recently, Ed Henry, who is 44 and married with two young children, announced he is “taking time off from work” after his mistress did a tell-all of their 5-year relationship. According to In Touch Weekly, who had the exclusive, the affair turned sexual 10-months ago and since then the Fox News host has been living a double life.

Natalia Lima, a Las Vegas hostess, also has proof of their relationship and is sharing the salacious texts that the Fox News host has made to her over that span of time.

Pic via Daily Mail
Pic via Daily Mail
Pic via Daily Mail
Pic via Daily Mail

Here are some of the texts as they appeared in the Daily Mail:

‘mmmmm yes bath w you,’ writes Henry.

Lima responds with three kissing face emojis and then writes; ‘Why are emojis so big?’ 

Lima followed that with emojis of a bathtub and a kissing couple.

Henry then responded by sending his own emojis – three unpeeled bananas and three pairs of female lips.

Further texts between the two had them sending several inappropriate pictures of themselves, with Henry responding to one of them:

“so beautiful….love that pic of you!!…those eyes….are u thinking right there about us making love?…cause i am…i will make love to you over and over so that we can wear u out and sleep :)…now that i saw that old photo shoot of you…”

Even though she claims the relationship was mostly about sex, Henry assured her that she was his girlfriend:

“Whenever he was in town, we would pretty much just have sex. He has a really high sex drive.”

Now, normally, we don’t tend to get caught up in affair gossip but consider the source. This is someone who has viciously attacked Hillary Clinton from day one. His affair is relevant since most of his audience, including him, are a bunch of self-identified traditional conservatives who pride themselves on “family values” – this includes being faithful to one’s wife. It’s this same group of people who also seek to dismiss Hillary because of Bill Clinton’s alleged affairs.

Watch Ed Henry interrupt Hillary Clinton during a press event:

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