Another Trump Aide Has Just Resigned After Information Comes Out Against Him

There seems to be no shortage of resignations in the Trump administration as of late.

Shortly after Deputy Press Secretary Rob Porter was forced to hand in his resignation for domestic abuse allegations stemming from his ex-wives, another official, speechwriter David Sorensen, announced he will be resigning as well.

Jessica Corbett, Sorensen’s ex-wife, said that he had physically and emotionally abused her over their 21/2 year marriage, and reported his behavior to the FBI while they were conducting a background check on him.

Corbett told the Washington Post that he ran over her foot with a car, put out a cigarette butt on her hand, and even threw her up against a wall. She even provided text messages and an audio conversation as proof of her statements.

Corbett is denying the claims but said that he’s going to resign anyway because he doesn’t want to be a distraction to the White House.

Hasn’t Corbett looked around? There are already a million distractions, including rumors that President Trump is looking at firing his Chief of Staff John Kelly, after the way he handled the Porter allegations. It’s said Kelly even offered up his resignation but Trump hasn’t accepted it yet.

Here was Sorensen’s response to the domestic abuse claims. He claims the story is twisted, and that he was the one that was actually punched on multiple occasions.

“ I never committed violence of any kind against any woman in my entire life.”

“In fact, I was the victim of repeated physical violence during our marriage, not her,” he added.

Even though the FBI was told about the crimes during the background check, there’s no word yet on whether or not police were contacted at around the same time that the incident occurred. Still, the info is damaging politically and either way, this really is just one of many rocks hitting Trump’s administration right now.

Since Trump has taken office, dozens of people have either quit or been fired. We don’t anticipate that trend discontinuing anytime soon. At least, not at this rate.

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