After Paris Attacks Republican Rep. Tweets A Racist And Dangerous Statement

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South Carolina Republican Congressman Jeff Duncan didn’t waste any time politicizing the attacks in Paris last night.

Duncan took to Twitter in order to issue the following statement.

Not was Duncan’s statement incredibly misinformed and ignorant, it was also borderline inciting violence against Syrian refugees. Many refugees have relocated to the U.S. and there are probably a few in states like South Carolina. Imagine what happens if one of Duncan’s unstable supporters decided to attack a refugee or a person of Middle Eastern descent after reading that statement?

If you can believe it, Duncan proceeds to dig his hole even deeper as people rightfully go after him on Twitter.

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My favorite line was the trusty conservative defense “I can’t be racist because my _____ was/is black.”

Duncan is a perfect example of the new face of the Republican Party. Republicans are a party that makes incredibly insensitive and irresponsible dangerous statements for the sake of throwing red meat to their voters. However over the recent years, more and more Republicans like Duncan have started to drink their own Kool-Aid.

I was heartened that virtually no one came to Duncan’s defense and immediately condemned his statements. This shows that there is hope for the American people. Because Americans will have to rise up again and again to knock down ignorant politicians like Duncan until the Republican Party gets the message.

As the people on Duncan’s Twitter feed pointed out, the Syrian refugees are fleeing terrorism specifically the Islamic State.

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks issuing this statement.

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There is more supporting evidence that Islamic State could have used local citizens to carry out the attacks. According to reports from the Guardian, at least one gunman was identified as being an extremist known by the police. And three of the eight attackers were are believed to have lived in the same Brussels neighborhood raided by the police today.

The Guardian reports that there was a Syrian passport near the body of one of the attackers. However, it has not been confirmed whether or not the attacker used that passport to enter the country. The origin and authenticity of the passport have not yet been confirmed by authorities. Syrian passports have a very high value right now on the international black market.

This isn’t the time for our politicians to score political points. This should be a time to show our support and solidarity behind the French people and the people of Paris.

The following video was taken in a street behind the Bataclan theater in Paris during the shooting. Be advised this footage is very disturbing.

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