A Photo Of Donald Trump Playing Tennis Has Just Surfaced – And It’s Breaking The Internet

A photograph has just made its rounds on the internet of D0nald Trump playing tennis. Apparently, Trump doesn’t just play golf all the time, he has other extracurricular activities as well.

Without having to go into too much detail describing the image (below), you can clearly see what all the fuss is about – Trump is wearing granny panties and they are very visible beneath his white tennis shorts.

We have to commend him on his exercise activities, at least.

This is a mental image you just won’t be able to get out of your head, and for that, we apologize.


For a president facing obstruction of just charges and multiple investigations by the FBI, Congress, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller from the Justice Department, this is the last thing on Trump’s mind right now. But, given his vanity about his image in the press, we wouldn’t put it past him if this mad him more upset than impeachment proceedings.

Remember – this is the same president who tried to block reporters from posting an unflattering picture of his double chin.

For what’s it worth, the internet just can’t get enough of it, though.









Here’s another photo of Trump looking pretty ridiculous, that somehow didn’t receive as much attention as his grannie panties one.


Now to the real issue: how is President Trump’s tennis form?

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